Speak, surf, stretch and repeat!

We are in the full Baja Spanish School flow.. We’ve dove head first into the classes with surfing, yoga and lots of delicious eats in between.

Mario’s surf school taught us really well and now we’ve even been able to catch a few waves of our own.  The waves have been fairly small and beginner friendly making us all happy.

Yesterday morning we did yoga in Spanish and then decided to switch up the location for Spanish class opting for an evening study session at Todos Santos Inn in the historic centre on Todos Santos.  They have a beautiful courtyard and lucky we had it all to ourselves.  For dinner we visited Café Felix, one of Guillermo’s favorites, we were not disappointed. The majority of us decided to indulge in the Papas Rellenas which is a plate of potatoes mixed with cheese, cream, vegetables and a meat of your choosing.. Certainly not low calorie but definitely added to our ever growing list of favorite Baja foods.

Going to keep this one short and let the photos speak for themselves..  Hope these photos help entice you to come on down for a visit.. We’re off to the beach!