ACRO-yoga retreat

Acro Yoga is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics.  Acro is a Greek word that means “elevated,” while yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “union.” Acro yoga, therefore, is a partner practice involving elevated and often inverted poses in which the partners work in unison.
The roots of Acro yoga go back thousands of years to asanas that included elements of acrobatics. Krishnamacharya, generally considered the father of modern yoga, included Acro yoga-type poses in his practices by balancing children on his feet.
In Acro yoga, there are typically three people for each pose: the yogi who forms the base of the asana; the flyer, who is the one lifted in the posture; and the spotter, who supports the flyer and helps to ensure proper alignment. The base often lies or sits on the the ground and balances the flyer on his/her feet, shoulders, hands, back, legs or a combination.
Acro yoga builds trust, compassion, connection and communication among the practitioners. On a spiritual level, Acro yoga develops empowerment, life balance and a sense of pure joy. On a physical level, the practice improves balance, flexibility and strength.

 Matt Walker

Meet Matt Walker..

The acro yoga portion of this retreat will be lead by Matt Walker.  Matt Walker is a lover of all the body movement modalities, and specializes in acro yoga as a basis to strive for our highest potential. Acro yoga goes beyond balance, flexibility, trust, and communication – it can teach us much about ourselves and our journey as humans on planet earth. Matt is passionate about sharing the joys and wisdom that acro has to offer with any and all who have the dream to fly.