Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish in the Baja with Guillermo BueronGB-squared-2

Guillermo Bueron, lead Spanish instructor and 20-year veteran of Spanish language instruction is a  certified Berlitz Instructor and Certified Cambridge instructor.

Guillermo teaches the Berlitz method in a casual setting. Berlitz is a conversational style of teaching which focuses on the learner developing spoken communication with others; even complete beginners can speak simple sentences in the first few lessons.

Students will receive 2 hours of class each day and classes will run form Monday to Friday.

The classes are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

All course materials will be provided.

Spanish lessons can be arranged separately from the retreat package if guests are only looking for Spanish lessons.  In addition to Guillermo Bueron Baja Beach Retreats works with other certified local instructors.

If you are booking outside of the retreat package and depending on the time of year the instructors may vary but all are excellent accredited language instructors.

happy students finished their week of Spanish classes