Hasta luego amigos!

The inaugural Baja Spanish School session has come to a close.  The combination of Spanish, surf, and yoga brought out the best in our minds, bodies and souls.  It is amazing how much knowledge can be attained in just one week of classes. We went from knowing “hola” and “cerveza” to forming real sentences… perhaps our sentence structure still isn’t perfect but imagine what we could learn if we stayed for several weeks.. ;). Most importantly we are communicating in Spanish!

Throughout all of this we had the opportunity to soak up all the magic Cerritos has to offer, sunset margaritas, morning coffees with a view, lazy hammock hang outs, and a reggae dance party over an open fire pit.  Lucky humans we are indeed!

Thanks for tuning in to our journey.  A full session of classes will be available in the upcoming Fall and Winter as well as exciting new volunteer opportunities…  Want to learn Spanish and help out in the local community? All that and more is coming your way.

Stay tuned as we will be posting an album of our favorite photos later this week.

Hasta luego amigos  🙂

Adios amigos!
Adios amigos!