Bienvenidos to Baja Spanish School’s first blog post!

We have spent the last couple of days bustling around Cerritos, prepping for the inaugural Baja Spanish School Session to begin..  surf boards and yoga mats are waiting and we have got a cozy corner all set up to study espanol.

Today the chores were done and it was time to do some yoga of our own. Mira (a great friend and the first guest at Baja Spanish School) and I decided to join an acro-yoga class at Baja Zen. Baja Zen is a treat in itself- probably the most stunning studio I have visited- perched up high on the hill will tall ceilings and an atmosphere that is simple, beautiful, and extremely welcoming. I’d never tried acro yoga before and had always been curious.. Let’s just say I was not disappointed- I loved it! The gorgeous beach view, talent of Fernanda and Christian acro-yoga instructors extraordinaire, the Thai massage to close off the class, and the chocolaty treats made by Kim (owner of Baja Zen), made this morning’s session nothing short of magical.


The morning session exceeded all my expectations but  it was what happened after the workshop that was really incredible.  We were asked to help out and take some acro-yoga photos for website and promotional materials..  It turned into an entire afternoon stretched into sunset of photo shoots complete with a couple of costume changes. It wasn’t necessarily the photos themselves that was the best part (although I must admit those were looking pretty darn good) but the opportunity to drive up a bunch of the back road of Cerritos and finding ourselves on top of some incredible mountaintops..  finishing off with a sunset session splashing in  the water, balancing, laughing and building human pyramids with new friends.

When I woke up this morning I never would expected to be flying through the air on top of a strangers feet. I certainly never would have expected to spend the day at multiple beaches, hidden back-roads, and taking part in 100’s of photographs with lovely people in balances I’d never heard of. What a treat!

Expect the unexpected.. take a risk, try something new.. It’s all possible. 🙂

beach silhoette
beach Mira